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How I feel, These Days

When am I gonna make a living…off of what I really do?

It’s gonna be a while before I give in

Hungry but I won’t give in.

Hungry and I'm gonna Win.

How I Feel, These Days

Heavy as Heaven in eleven, I feel the weight (wait)

But the World doesn’t for no one

We UPlift and motivate

How I Feel, These Days

Have you ever felt a sense of anxiety over someone else’s opinion, as if you feared it would somehow hurt you? Have you ever felt a strong need to defend yourself against negative feedback, as if you couldn’t relax until you cleared things up?

The reality is we all judge and criticize, if not publically, then in our heads. It’s a natural human instinct to form opinions about things. Hopefully, we have the tact to not be cruel, but it will happen to all of us from time to time. Usually, it will only be as disastrous as we make it.

 It never feels comfortable to be critiqued, especially if someone attacks your character or clearly misjudges your intentions. But we make the best use of our energy if we look for positive takeaways, and then challenge the voice inside that says, “Something is wrong.”

Nothing’s wrong, so long as we learn, respond calmly, and move on, feeling balanced and empowered.


HoW I FeeL, These DayS: Equanimity






Lord Knows, I Strive…


"Over the past two decades, the financial services industry has become a pervasively unethical and highly criminal industry, with massive fraud tolerated or even encouraged by senior management." - Charles Ferguson

You know what I noticed?  None of these guys go to jail.  This is the State of The Nation.  For Real

I recently sent out a instrumental Score to an executive in the industry with the desire and hopes of getting my music placed/ synced for Commercial work.  In the email message I had mentioned that it was initially intended for a Financial Service Concept that myself and two of my good friends created a little while back.  The music executive responded to me by saying that the piece wouldn’t work for a bank Commercial because it wasn’t an uptempo positive composition that sent a positive message in a “come do business with us” kind of way.  It wouldn’t be ” Slow and somewhat Morbid”. 

My response:      As far as the Finance Score, you are absolutely right.  It would not fly at all.  It’s too truthful and a bit depressing.  Tonally and melodically, I was inspired by the Robert De Niro American Express/ New York City (my home town!) Commercial.  It’s funny because I believe I tapped into the collective sentiment at the time; the general sense of distrust that was and is, in my opinion, still in the air regarding the economical systems that have been in place for so long.  I know in my own personal life I was contemplating leaving my bank and going to a Credit Union or a local community bank.  I remember the tag line message we created for it was "When saving for something more, why invest in a bank that could care less about your future".  The idea was simple yet quite expansive and ambitious.  I realize it was an alternative style of advertising; a sort of commentary on the upper class and diminishing middle class.  It was to be a piece contrasting the lives of the Haves and the Have Nots yet still showing the possibility of perseverance for the latter .  I felt so compelled that I actually went as far as to storyboard it.  Ultimately,an animatic was created; syncing the score to it for the concept.  It was quite fitting.    I had every intention to shoot the commercial and present it to a few Ad Agencies but… I digress… I wanted to explain the state of mind and the motivation behind its creation.



How I Feel, These Days

Make the most. With what you have. Where you are. Right Now.

How I Feel By Stephaun Anu

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How I Feel, These Days

I think a lot of young filmmakers, musicians, artists, see that budget crunch as a hindrance… “we have no budget, we can’t make the project we want”, rather than seeing the creative freedoms you have being in that situation. I truly see it. The World is my oyster.

How I Feel, These Days

"Up and in love"

How I Feel, These Days

“Do you like loooove? Do you like huuuugs? (Yeah?) Well, me too”

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